Petale Tea



Specially curated for the gourmet connoisseurs.  Award winning Bernadette de Lavernette has always been a preferred brand by our customers. Great for tea, coffee and cheese pairing.



This sampler set includes:


1 Limited Edition Pétale Blooming Tea Box (3 flavours)


1 Ohayō Tea Tin with seasonal tea blend (30g)


1 jar (240g) handmade dark chocolate fondant


1 jar (120g) hand made Lychee & Orange Flower Marmalade


2 mini jars (50g) hand made Rhubarb & Mango- Passionfruit Jam Marmalade






Blooming Tea Flavour

Bandung (Rose Milk)

Nasi Lemak (Coconut & Pandan)

Antointette’s Affair (Lychee)



Bernadette de Lavernette


-100% natural and award-winning artisan jams chocolate fondant from Madagascar, using only the top quality vine-ripe, organically-grown Non-GMO fruits,herbs and spices and hand crafted in small batch.


– Ethically sourced


– Socially responsible and sustainable




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