Product name: BHT HELLO Probiotics Jelly 2000


Product volume:

450g (15g x 30 sachets)  / 1 Box 

3 Boxes Bundle : 90 sachets

6 Boxes Bundle: 180 sachets

10 Boxes Bundle: 300 sachets

*Pre-order confirmation is require. Please drop us an email to find out more. 


Product Features:

1. Contained 200 billion CFU Lactobacillus blends 

2. Contained Vitamin B, C and D from Scotland, England

3. Soft Jelly stick in an individual sachet

4. Produced in Korea


Recommended to:

1. Kids with a lot of physical activity

2. Kids having difficulty with those powdery type

3. Kids who are suffering from constipation

4. Kids who are in growth period

5. Kids who needs some nutritious supplements


Expiry date : As written on the package (YYYY/MM/DD)



“Sometimes I come across the thoughts like ‘Am I serving well-balanced and nutritious food for my kids everyday for their health?’ and my answer is ‘No’ as I am a busy working mom.


‘BHT HELLO Probiotics Jelly 2000′ is proving by itself as a solution for kids’ healthy gut & strong immune system.


And it’s easy sachet type so kids can easily self-serve! Highly Recommend to those mommies who are difficult to care a perfect nutritions to kids every day.”





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