Excellence and Joy in Mandarin learning.

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Welcome to YouLe Mandarin Centre! We are dedicated to building a strong foundation in mandarin through our enrichment classes for young learners aged 1-6 years old and Primary School students. YouLe Mandarin Centre is founded by a team of educators and parents.

We share the hopes and aspirations of giving our young ones the best chance for future success by nurturing in them a love for learning, a growth mindset and confidence to navigate this ever-changing and increasingly bicultural world.

We believe this is best done when children are primed for learning in their early years. With our diverse range of expertise in language milestones development, whole-brain training and early childhood education, our mission is to help stimulate our students’ interests in Mandarin from early childhood and endow them with the best foundation to bring their Mandarin learning to greater heights.

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What if Mandarin enrichment can be made fun and exciting?

The YouLe method

Our company name stems from two Chinese characters “You 优” which means Excellence, and “Le乐” which means Joy. It signifies our motto: Excellence and Joy in Mandarin learning.

Our programme can be broken into 3 parts and begins with the sourcing of excellent Chinese picture-books. These books have to fulfil our stringent criteria of having:

1. Age-appropriate words,

2. Interesting storyline,

3. Value-add such as teaching of morals and life-skills,

4. Captivating illustrations.

Our top recommended mandarin books are listed in our bookstore and also available for browsing at our centre.

The children’s learning journey continues with our unique mandarin enrichment classes. Breaking the mould of traditional Chinese teaching, lessons are centred around story-telling through dialogic reading, music and dance, role-playing and hands-on activities. In the process, emergent literacy learning takes place. Importantly as well, our goal is to ignite the children’s interests so that they will be motivated to continue reading and learning after lessons.

The last and perhaps most critical aspect of our programme are the take-home activities. We will provide weekly activities for the children and guide parents on how to help their children in reinforcing what was been learnt. In order to be proficient, language learning cannot be a once-a-week activity and we encourage all parents to read to their children daily.

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