The best chocolate beans in the world make the best dark chocolate. Simple.

Embrace Chocolate

Single origin bean to bar chocolate.

307 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore (427558)

Embrace Chocolate is a small batch bean to bar chocolate shop located in Joo Chiat Road.

All chocolate is made on site using traceable and sustainably grown cacao beans. The bars made from single origin cacao beans represent the finest flavours the world of cacao has to offer.

Operating Time
Wednesday - Saturday
11:00AM - 17:00PM

Sunday - Tuesday
11:00AM - 15:30PM

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Embrace Chocolate started out as a fascination. That chocolate with such minimal ingredients could taste so pure and have so much character. All our bars are milestones on this long and very rewarding road. The purpose of Embrace Chocolate is to help guide consumers towards a better chocolate experience and more responsible consumption.


Our bars will take you on a journey of taste. This is the finest natural flavour the world of cacao has to offer. Every bean undergoes a bespoke roasting process that commences the journey of transforming them into chocolate. I draw out their distinct profiles and complex flavours for you to enjoy. On their own, to pair with your favourite drink or to use as an ingredient in your recipes. I hope you enjoy this bar as much as I have enjoyed making it.

Hop on board, comrades. Embrace the revolution. Embrace Chocolate.

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