About Us

A free eCommerce platform built for businesses in Singapore, 5 was founded with the goal of connecting customers around the world with a curated collection of Singapore & overseas brands that pride themselves in quality and excellence.


Featuring a unique collective comprising innovators, artisans and experts, our platform showcases the passion and work that go into the offerings of our partner brands, which consist of small and medium businesses with a proven track record of outstanding quality and impeccable craftsmanship.

As a strong supporter of local entrepreneurs, we provide businesses with the opportunity to bring their products to a global consumer base including Singapore, Southeast Asia and Australia, with ongoing plans to venture into more countries in the future.

Our Vision

Support the growth of our partners and create the best experience for our customers.


Our Culture

Respect and collaboration are deeply rooted in our company DNA. Be it partners, customers or colleagues, everyone at 5 strives to create meaningful and enduring relationships and work together towards shared success.


Core Value

Our core values guide us in serving our customers, business partners and employees.


Our people are our most valuable asset that will support our long-term growth and aspirations. As such, we put our people first and ensure that everyone is treated with integrity, respect and fairness.


We cultivate an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere of dignity and acceptance so everyone can be their real and authentic selves.



We form reliable and supportive long-term partnerships built on mutual trust.


We are constantly improving every aspect of our business to stay at the forefront of innovation and form synergistic partnerships.


We nurture a strong business ecosystem that benefits current and future entrepreneurs.

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